My order says delivered, but I haven't received it. What should I do?

Please contact your local post office and check with neighbors, around your residential area, or with any front offices. Packages are marked as delivered when they've reached their destination. 

Please verify your address before checking out. 

Will an item be restocked?

If the item has sold out and there is continued interest for said item, there will absolutely be a restock! You can follow our social media on instagram and twitter for frequent updates, sign up for restock notifications or subscribe to our newsletter to be notifed!

What is a preorder?

A preorder is a period where an item is available at a discounted price before production to help fund the production. We only host preorders for large projects, such as our sin series enamel pin. Although we try most of the time to self-fund the items but sometimes we need your support. We disclose on every preorder item the preorder time frame, production time, and any other information!

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