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Genshin Impact | Tote Bag

Genshin Impact | Tote Bag

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Embark on an epic quest with our Genshin Impact-inspired tote bag, adorned with enchanting faces of Xiao, Kaeya, Zhongli, and Childe.


  • Repeating Portraits: Captivating faces of Xiao, Kaeya, Zhongli, and Childe adorn the bag, showcasing the diverse personalities of Teyvat.
  • Deep Bluish Hue: The bag's dark bluish color adds a touch of mystery, reflecting the atmospheric vibes of the Genshin Impact universe.
  • Durable 100% Cotton: Crafted from high-quality cotton for durability and a soft touch, ensuring the bag stands up to your daily adventures.
  • Secure Zipper Closure: Keep your essentials safe with a secure zipper closure, adding practicality to the stylish design.
  • Easy Washability: Maintain the bag's pristine look effortlessly with easy washability, making it perfect for everyday use.

Embark on your everyday quests with this Genshin Impact-inspired tote bag, blending style, durability, and the spirit of adventure!

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