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Sin Series (3/7) pin

Sin Series (3/7) pin

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Sin Series is available in stock now!

Details  💜

  • 3 inch 🌱
  • Gold plating 💯
  • Engraved metal
  • Hard enamel💗
  • Stained glass 💛

Concept of the series is each member is assigned a sin which they’re the exact opposite of. The members don’t have these qualities at all and are so much more passionate!🥰💜💕

Characteristics of sloth
~ avoidance of physical work
~ desire of work
~ lazy

~ thrown in a snake pit 🐍

Characteristics of envy
~ desire of other’s traits, situations etc
~ jealous

~ freezes to death🐍

Characteristics of greed
~ desire for material wealth or gain
~ also known as avarice / covetousness

~ boiling alive in oil😶

~ engraved jewels
~ dark blue stained glass

This is a concept I want to work on. Always being inspired by every little thing and enjoying it.🥺🥰

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